About The Weave Whisperer


Naila Carter is a beauty blogger and the creator of the YouTube series The Weave Whisperer. A self-proclaimed weave expert, Naila began the slap-stick, beauty show The Weave Whisperer, in 2012, to cover the trials and tribulations of weave, natural hair and all things fabulous. Originally from Philadelphia PA, Naila began her career at Howard University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in broadcast journalism.

Writing has always been one of her first loves and she has penned numerous stories for newspapers, interned with Vibe Magazine, Bad Boy Records, NBC-4 and WHUR. Post-Howard, Naila was granted an opportunity with Sirius XM radio and eventually worked with Capitol Hill correspondent George Wilson of the radio show ”GW on the Hill”. Naila currently lives in Washington DC. As beauty guru / journalist immersed in politics, beauty and fashion; Naila hosts events, produces tutorials and provides fashion coverage to her viewers.

Above all else, Naila is devoted to the mission that women should feel comfortable in their natural elements but can also have fun with enhancements like weave and makeup.

You can Follow Naila on Twitter, FacebookInstagram and watch her shows on YouTube


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