Cera Wax Studio. Home of the Ouch-less Wax!

Cera4Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a bloggers night out event at Cera Wax Studio hosted by my friend Angelica of Angelica in the City.Cera5Cera3

Angelica had Cera Wax Studio in Bethesda, rockin! Music, drinks and all of the cutest/baddest blogger chicks in DC came to play at Cera!CeraCera6

Cera was nice enough to provide waxing during the party! I received an eyebrow wax and an Intern John “Vixen wax” (Brazilian Wax).

Here’s How I Feel About Waxing:

I am used to Brazilian waxes and every time I get them they hurt like hell. I do it because it’s better than shaving. The point is, I’m not a big fan of it.

My Experience at Cera Wax Studio:

I got my Vixen wax from the esthetician, Ime. Ime used hard wax and a very gentle technique. It did not even hurt! I was laying in the chair, tense, waiting for Ime to rip strips off of my “vixen”. But all I felt was something reminiscent of a pulling off a bandaid. All waxing hurts me so I was pleasantly surprised when I looked down to find that she was finished and I didn’t have tears in my eyes! Cera7Cera2

I can honestly say I had an amazing experience at Cera Wax Studio. I will run and not walk to my next appointment!  If you’re looking for an ouch-less Brazilian wax I suggest The Vixen ($65)! It’s perfect for punks like me! My eyebrows were $25 and they are beat! Visit Cera Wax Studios website to book your appointment.

xoxo Naila

I was not paid to do this review.


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