The 10 Weave Commandments

10 important things to keep your weave game on track! Pun Intended.

The 10 Weave Commandments

  1. Thou Shall Properly Apply Your Wigs
  2. Thou Shall Conceal Your Tracks
  3. Thou Shall Not Damage Your Natural Hair
  4. Thou Shall Not Use Sulfate Products
  5. Thou Shall Not Sleep in Your Wigs
  6. Thou Shall Say No to Tight Braids
  7. Thou Shall Say No to Hair Glue
  8. Thou Shall Not Wear Your Lace Front Too Low
  9. Thou Shall Remove Your Weave After 4-6 Weeks
  10. Thou Weave Should Seamlessly Blend

I’m swinging my Dache Hair to some very key weave rules. It’s virgin Russian hair in a course texture and the quality is stellar!It’s one of my favorite wigs please check them out!

Did These Hair Rules Help you? Drop me a line!




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