My Life Changing Facial at the Center For Plastic Surgery!

CPS2While I’m not opposed to a little nip and tuck,  I know God already took his TIMMMEEE when he created me. So, I don’t need plastic surgery.

However, I have not worn makeup since my trip to Center for Plastic Surgery in Annandale, VA. When I walked out of the building I felt like my skin had new life!CPS22

Here’s what happened:


I opted for the Fire  & Ice Facial. Baby, let me tell you, CPS exceeded all of my expectations!  The Fire & Ice Facial is a medical grade facial, just a step below a chemical peel.This facial is great for anyone who battles acne or other skin ailments. My aesthetician , Marily Salls was amazing!’CPS4First they start off with the fire mask, which resurfaces your face by removing old, dry skin. It has a warming, tingling sensation and smelled like cookies to me! Next they apply the soothing ice mask. This mask uses hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, green tree extract, and peppermint to hydrate the skin and calm it down.CPS3At the end of my session I saw instant results! My complexion has been evened and brightened!I highly recommend this facial. The procedure goes for $150.00 and is well worth the money.CPS9Since this treatment I have been following up with CPS’s recommended skincare regimen products and boy do I feel beautiful! I use a retinol eye cream, a super serum, cooling serum and a great SPF!CPS6IMG_7091

I felt a boost of confidence after this facial. As a beauty blogger you’re always faced with wearing a beat face. But now days I think my bare skin looks JUST fine!Cps25




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