Honeybee Garden ALL Organic Cosmetics

IMG_6899Have you ever wondered what kind of stuff is in makeup? Has your face ever burned or tingled after applying liquid foundation? *raises hand*

I was super happy to have the opportunity to use Honeybee Gardens Cosmetics. They are an ALL natural,  ALL organic line of makeup and skincare. Everything is tested to certify that all of the ingredients are in fact all natural and organic. This is perfect for anyone with skin allergies!


Beauty starts within! You have to mindful of what makeup is seeping through your pores. Honeybee Garden’s foundation gave me full coverage with a glow. Natural but still BEAT! The lip liner was smooth and gave me a beauty pink color. The lip gloss and it’s yummy scent topped it off for a long lasting gloss! IMG_6882

The foundation I used was the Pressed Mineral Powder (Sultana) $10.99. Lips: Fantasy JobaColors  Lip Liner $8.99. Luscious Lip Gloss Viper $11.99


Please check out Honeybee Garden Cosmetics and let me know if you love it!

xoxo Naila


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