Real Talk on Kinkistry Natural Hair Extensions

Another natural hair brand…Is it any good? My answer: YES!

I loved this hair and I recommend it to anyone looking for a natural look!

  1. It’s Low Maintenance – The curl pattern doesn’t need a lot of products to make it look good. All I used was the steam from the shower to revive my curl pattern.
  2. The Texture is Soft and Manageable – I hate when hair gets hard! Even after weeks of wear, Kinkistry Hair stayed soft. There was absolutely NO tangling and it had minimal shedding.
  3. It Has Lasting Power – There was no hardening of the curl texture, no matting and little maintenance needed for revive the curl pattern. Those factors spoke volumes to me about the longevity of Kinkistry Hair Extensions.  If you’re not constantly putting your hands in your hair, it’s going to last!

I’m wearing three bundles of  Kinkistry Koilistics Extensions in 22”, 24”, 24”.

I used Eco-Gel and Jamaican Castor Oil for my  two-strand leave out. It worked to perfection!

Use Code ‘WWHISPER10‘ for 10% off of your purchase of Kinkistry Hair! If you buy Kinkistry Hair tag me on Instagram so I can show you some LOVE! IMG_0715 IMG_0648 IMG_0709IMG_5946IMG_5934

I was given Kinkistry hair for free, however all the opinions are mine.




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