The Guide to Care for Curly Extensions on Vacation!

Chlorine and salt water can tear up some hair extensions! I went to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil for my birthday wearing a lovely pair of hair extensions from Haute Kinky Hair!  I wore two bundles of their Haute Curly in 22″.

Everyone knows kinky curly extensions tangle, become matted and shed to no end.  However, Haute Kinky Hair never tangled, matted or shed! I’ve never had kinky curly extensions that didn’t matt up in the back. This was a stellar line of extensions!

Here’s How I Cared for my Haute Kinky Hair Extensions


  1. Skip the hair products and primarily use water as your product of choice.

Water is the best way to bring out the curl pattern. Curl puddings and other products are just going to mess up your hair. Water is the safest, best bet!IMG_9095

2. Never Use Shampoo! 

Shampoo is too harsh for these extensions. If you wash your hair, wash with using only conditioner.IMG_8701

3. Use Only Light Oils

Coconut oil, olive oil and other light oils work best for these extensions.  They provide a light sheen without weighing down your hair or causing tangling.


4. Always Air Dry Your Hair

Using Heat is a big no-no! Luckily, Haute Kinky Hair dries quickly so you don’t have to leave your house with a wet head.IMG_9157

5. For a Smaller, more tame look, two-strand twist your hair. 

If I wanted my hair to look more flat, post-wash I would take 4-5 big sections of my hair and twist them. I would keep the twists in for only 30 minutes. After that, the hair would be about 80% dry and ready to wear. Brazil

6. How to Blend

For my texture of hair 4a-4b, the only thing I did was two-strand twist my leave out. First I applied a small amount of castor oil on my hair then I use Eco-Gel on my twists. Eco-Gel provided the hold I needed to maintain the curl, but it wasn’t hard and didn’t flake! Boom Brazilian Babe Goddess!

Note: The better your install, the better the hair will blend.

Haute Kinky Hair- Haute Curly start at $115.00 TwistOut


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