Pretty Girl Style: 2015 Chevrolet Camaro SS

2015 Chevrolet Camaro SS

IMG_0136Fastest car I’ve ever driven. I was floored by the 2015 Chevrolet Camaro SS.  It was red hot which matched my lipstick perfectly! GM gave me the SS (Super Sport) so I had the capability to go 1000 miles an hour if I wanted and I couldn’t wait to test it out!IMG_0003IMG_0102On Road Experience

As soon as I hoped in the Camaro to test out the speed I could hear comments as I cruised down the DC streets. With my window rolled down I could hear “Ohhs & Ahhs”. One man on his way to work stopped to tell me how nice my car was. A few minutes later a man in a pick-up trunk stopped and asked “What you doin’ with an SS? Thats a fast car. The prettiest car on the road!” 

IMG_0334IMG_0398First stop: The Howard vs Hampton game at RFK stadium.

“Ok?! You came through, stuntin’ in the Camaro!”,  was the first thing I heard that night. Needless to say, the Camaro and it’s candy paint was a big hit at the game! IMG_0279

The next day I pulled up in the SS  at the H Street festival in DC to partake in the last hot days of the season. I think every resident in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area came out to enjoy the music, food and unique clothing vendors. IMG_0286After the festival took a short ride to the LaTex Crawfish Boil. Dancing to dirty south’s finest music and sucking the head of crawfish almost made me feel like I was in NOLA. The Philly girls were in the building that day, we started that party and shut it down too. Bloop!IMG_0319IMG_0307Next up: Virginia Beach!IMG_0570I grabbed my mom and niece to accompany me to the beach! Every summer my family vacations at VA Beach. But this time it’s a special experience because we’re going in September’s cooler weather! All of our luggage fit into the trunk and we easily fit the car seat into the car and were off!

We stayed at the Oceanaire Resort Hotel. The Oceanaire is a luxurious, modern resort on the ocean front.IMG_0758
My spot was the adult only swimming area! My mom stayed with my baby niece as I splashed around in the hot tub, sipped on cocktails and grooved at lounge music. IMG_0643IMG_0440

Unfortunately, there was a storm at sea that made it super windy on shore, so we weren’t able to any beach time. Luckily VA Beach has a lot to do when the weather isn’t the greatest.   IMG_0806 IMG_0751

After a few days it was time we us to go home. Now, I must mention that you have to be very careful of how fast you’re going in the Camaro SS. You might think you’re going 55 mph but you’re actually close to 90 mph and don’t notice it because the ride is so smooth.

The Camaro SS is a classic American car. I loved, loved, loved this car and here is an overall summary of my Likes and Dislikes. IMG_0838

  • The speed and horse power. V8 Engine. 
  • It’s Pretty Girl Style
  • Tight steering and Handles Well
  • The Heated Seats
  • The Wheels . 20″ Rims.
  • XM Radio, Pandora and Bluetooth
  • Parking Assist
  • Lots of blind spots. Maybe a blind spot assist is in the near future for the Camaro?
  • I kept accidentally touching the manual clutch on the steering wheel (I’m used to a Mazda 3)
  • The number of people who (unsuccessfully) tried to drag race me.
Gas Costs

With gas at about $2.40 a gallon it costs approx. $45.00 to full the 15 gallon tank. Annual Fuel cost $2,900.00 (based off of 15,000 miles per year at $3.50)



Total Vehicle Price: $41,440.00

Fuel Economy 15 City. 24 Highway

5.6 Gallons per 100 Miles


Do you have a Camaro? Share you Chevy experience below!



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