10 Minute Curly & Straight Hairstyles

My wig from Double Leaf Wigs is a lifesaver.I usually sew the wig down or secure with bobby pins so that wig doesn’t fall off.IMG_7017

To save time from blending the lace, I put on a cute turban or beanie. Even if I take off the turban/beanie, my wig still looks decent. So, it’s a win-win!

My Sade Ponytail

Hands down  is my favorite go-to hairstyle! It’s gives all face and lets your hair breathe! For added volume I use Hairfleek 

IMG_6956 IMG_7089

IMG_6399You’ll see in the video The Kev Whisperer  sent me  Scentbird! A fab, monthly perfume subscription for $14.95 a month!  Each month a you’ll get a new perfume that fits into a sleek black tube. This month I am wearing Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs. It’s a romantic, sexy smell, perfect for a first date!

This product really works for me because I’m always on the go. Carrying around full-sized perfumes with me is too much trouble. Scentbird fits right into my purse and travels with me wherever I go.  A sexy, smelling Weave Whisperer is a MUST!


What did you think about this video? Comment below and let me know!


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