#HairFLEEK Natural Girl Curl Hair Extensions

For a busy body like me, #HairFleek’s line of Natural Girl Curls was perfect for to help me stand out! I’m wearing lengths 14″, 16″, 18″ and 20″. Hair Fleek also has a really cool blog you out check out http://blog.hairfleek.com/!

These lovely bundles carried me through Pierre Garçon’s Boys & Girls club charity event, Nags Head Beach (Outer Banks, NC) Brett Johnson’s Fashion Trunk Event , Pole Dancing Class and work!

IMG_6212 IMG_6363 IMG_6371


The hair looks gorgeous but I’m sure you guys want to know how it held up! 

Does It Get Nappy?

Kinky, curly extensions, if not cared for properly can become matted and tangled much like your own real life. In order to keep the curls looking the best they can possibly be follow these steps:

1: Gently detangle your extensions with water and leave in conditioner. The hair closest to your neck needs the most care because they can become the most tangled.

2. Braid your hair in loose, big braids at night/ Pineapple your hair at night.


Cotton pillows and tossing & turning can do a number on your curls. Secure them uses braids or using the pineapple method. You’ll think me later.

3. Lay off the heavy products.

I only used water to revive my curls, and occasionally I had use a light deep -conditioner.

 Does It Shed?

Shedding was at a minimum with HairFleek even when detangling.


Is it Difficult to Maintain?

Curly hair takes some love and care. However, if you keep your curls detangled you can be out of the door within minutes! I certainly don’t have time to spend more then 10-15 on my hair in the morning!





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