Giveaway- Tallow Facial Balm

Tallow is a healthy fat for your skin!

IMG_4877 (1)

Let me offer some insight of what Tallow is; Tallow is animal fat, generally from cows and sheep. It’s extracted by slowly heating the fat tissue or “suet,” causing the pure oil to melt away.

In the past it has been used to treat weathered or irritated skin. This is recommended for all skin types. I have adult acne and tallow hasn’t caused me any breakouts!


Experts say the fatty acid profiles of tallow to human cell membranes and sebum are very similar and that allows it to be easily absorbed.

I’m giving a lucky person one jar of Tallow from Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty!  It’s derived from 100% grass-fed cows, tallow is It’s 100% safe!


Contest Ends on 5/28!

Contest Rules:

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Good Luck!


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