STK’s 1 Year Anniversary Party in DC!

113063I love partying with DC’s Glitteratti and posh steakhouses like STK are the perfect place to do it! To commemorate one year of being in the District, this Dupont eatery dolled out of the stops! The theme was the prohibition era and this party was hands down the highlight of my week and the reason I struggled at work the next day. Hey, since it took me a whole year to make it to STK, I was going to indulge! I made a couple of trips to the lady in the dress made of champagne glasses and started my single-ready-to-mingle rounds.


I made sure I took all of my pictures, before I started eating for an optimum flat stomach Material Girl, Turtleneck Bodycon dress because, um, once I made it to the dinner table it was going DOWN!

IMG_2873 IMG_2872

Of course I ran into all my homies. Aren’t DC blogger’s hotties!? Honorable mention goes to Yan of MyDocumentedCloset


The drinks and food were to die for! It felt so good sipping  with my ladies Jennifer of, Carly Martin, Miss Vannette of, Ashley Joy of STK is now on my Sunday brunch list!

IMG_2849IMG_2860 IMG_2858 IMG_2842If If you want to invite The Weave Whisperer to your event, don’t be shy EMAIL ME at

xoxo- Get into my Neck TAT!

IMG_2853 IMG_2846


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