Naila on The Wendy Williams Show!

“This face belongs on the tizz-tube!”- Martin Payne

SOLD OUT was a common phrase I saw on while perusing for tickets. But I kept my “little engine that could” attitude and one random Wednesday a 8:00am time opened up in late February ! I’ve been dreaming of telling Wendy in my favorite gay man voice “HOW YOU DOIN!?” and booked the tickets without thinking!

IMG_1229 IMG_1235

The experience was MORE than I dreamed of! Before the show started,I was picked out of the audience to enter the dance contest. I had no idea what I was going to do, but then the DJ dropped “Back that Azz Up” and I popped it to a victory, winning a huge gift bag of hair goodies from the Wendy Show!

IMG_1347 IMG_1342

Camera time on FLEEK!

The Wendy Show reminded me of a Friday in the Punchout at Howard University.If you went to Howard University you know the Punchout was place to grab food, but it was also a day party! The only thing missing from the Wendy Show was drainks! Each commercial break emcee, Marco Glorious had up out of our seats dancing like we were in a club at 1am! The energy was through the roof, I felt like I was on a roller coaster for an  hour! Even special guest, Piers Morgan stopped and said “Wendy, you got the best audience I’ve ever seen!”

If you’re within a bus ride to New York, I highly suggest wearing your brightest outfit and going to the Wendy Show!

IMG_1276Watching the queen in action was an amazing learning experience. Wendy is the Beyonce of talk show hosts. She’s got “it” and when you see it done in person it’s mind blowing!

One more thing crossed off my bucket list! I’ll be back on Wendy but next time I’ll be on the stage! The Weave Whisperer does Wendy!


My audience buddy and newest friend!
Hugged up on Marco Glorious!

 If you have been on the Wendy Show share your experience in the comment box below! Watch MY episode via YouTube


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