Red Sprinkle’s PopUp Beauty Lounge3


It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays, parties wherever you turn! I had the pleasure of being a Glambassador for Red Sprinkle’s Popup Beauty Lounge 3! As expected, they did not disappoint!  DC socialites flocked to the event with the likes of Ashley Joy of Life by Ashley Joy, Dani Starr from The Kane Show and  The District Insider.


Redsprinkle’s Pop Up Beauty Lounge was created three years ago to raise money for their Fashion Scholarship Fund . The founders Madiana and Rebecca Margao  were all smiles as supporters filled  Release the Blowdry making the cause a success!


The Pop Up Beauty Lounge is a full service one-stop shop for fabulousness! Supporters were greeted with complimentary beauty services such as, manicures, makeovers and Birthday Cake wines kept everyones glasses full.

RED SPRINKLE (18)RED SPRINKLE (45)The experience didn’t stop there. Shopping was plentiful and to be had. Dache Hair, Mila and Fire, Pique Boutique,  Jamberry Nails and Closet Fit all helped us burn a whole in our pockets. In my defense I was Christmas shopping for loved one.

IMG_9032IMG_9007IMG_8987IMG_8983IMG_8934IMG_8981IMG_8977 IMG_8974 IMG_8973 IMG_8969

Thank you to Redsprinkle  for allowing me to be apart of an event that I’ve attended for the past 3 years! If you would like to learn about Redsprinkle please visit their website here.


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