DCity Smokehouse Celebrates One Year Anniversary


There’s nothing like being able to sample the finest BBQ in DC! As I was stuffing my face, I thought “When did Frank Underwood going to starting coming to DCity Smokehouse?”



Opened just one year ago in the heart of DC, DCity Smokehouse has proven to my taste buds that they deserve to stay! When I eat in public I try to remain prim and proper. But it was so hard to chow down on the brisket, ribs and turkey without smacking my lips!

IMG_8868This was a special mission because I got to take a sneak peak to how the food is made daily  by it’s talented staff! After being named “The finest BBQ in DC” by the Washington Post, you didn’t have to drag me by the ears to want to get an inside scoop!


All of their food is made in-house, daily and pays homage to the BBQ found in Texas, St Louis and Tennessee.

DSC_6994For all your single girls and guys in DC, this is a perfect date night spot! Great good and a fun place to talk and eat.  Hey, BBQ brings people together and if only for my taste buds sake, I’m game!


If you’re a lover of good BBQ, make sure you follow DCity Smokehouse on their social media pages (Instagram , FacebookTwitter )because they are offering goodies for insiders only, like complimentary sandwiches and much more!


See ya at the smoke house!


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