Beyond the Dryer- Keeping Up With the Joneses- PART2

I started Beyond the Dryer because it’s important for people to understand that even though we get pretty at the hair salon we still leave with insecurities in our heads.10621887_10154621600445621_160307373_n

10705163_10154621600150621_17543578_nIn this episode we tackle having black hair at work. Although hair should all be viewed the same,  lots of Black women feel pressured to submit to a European aesthetic at work.  That burns my biscuits! To me that says “shut up, sit down, be silent and look like us”. I stopped chemically straightening my hair after 2002.  We all look different and I believe our differences should be accepted and celebrated!

IMG_8090Then, we move into having a confidence I believe every women should have! It’s called Pretty Girl Syndrome.  A mindset of positive thinking! But beware, you must have inner beauty and confidence to pull this off. Pretty Girl Syndrome is just a phrase for believing in the beauty that God gave you. And yes, all women posses beauty!

10708276_10154621600420621_1717262205_nNext we meandered into insecurities that we’ve faced as women. Growing up I thought my nose was too big  and badly wanted to change it. However, after I did an extensive project on rhinoplasties and the mutilation I would have to endure  I no longer wanted a nose job.


Lastly, we covered colorism!  Unfortunately, still a huge issue in the black community. I hope my kids grow up unaffected.  Just like a  leopard cannot change it’s spots, I cannot change my skin!  This is a so-called modern society yet we are still tackling such barbaric issues. The change starts with us! 10708110_10154621600335621_289394238_n

Catch Up On Part One Here 

If you are in the the following areas: PA/NY/NJ/DC/MD/VA and would like to have Beyond the Dryer take place in your salon please contact me at The


Featured panelists:


Ashley Joy: Lifestyle and Beauty Blogger. Lifebyashleyjoy.comTwitter:LifeByAshleyJoy

249025_449046501856743_1186094241_nYvonne Pearson







Social Media


Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 7.26.15 PM


Inez Johnson: DC Professional 




Alicia Holiday: Manager and Lead Stylist of Ivy  Lounge SalonTwitter: @IvyLoungeSalon





Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.06.33 PM

Fred Hall:  Barber and HairstylistIvy Lounge Salon






Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.12.01 PMSeville Williams: Nail Technician Ivy Lounge  Salon






Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.09.30 PMZoey Asher:HairstylistIvy Lounge Salon






10707982_10154621600270621_1797043350_nBig BIG thanks to my videographer Luigi Kattie of Elkay Productions! 




Hair: L’Avant Garde Hair –Kardashian Kinky Straight in 16”, 18” and 20″



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