How To: Child Hair Care

Snatched up edges, bumps around the hairline and weave are some of the things I hate seeing on children. Because I love seeing children look like children, I called upon my sidekicks Shonda and Mi’yah Mor to help the masses continue to keep their children looking like children with healthy scalps and hair follicle…but never ever dropping the stank!Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 11.04.47 PM
1) Most styles done on a child’s head should be done with care without much too tension. One of my favorite styles for children is the ‘Fro!


Complete with or without a headband, the ‘fro is an excellent way to allow your babies edges to grow! I love Blue Ivy’s ‘fro and you can tell by her hairline that Beyonce isn’t pulling or tugging that precious lamb’s hairline.


Recommended Products
-Leave In Conditioner (Mixed Chicks Leave In  , Kinky Curly Knot Today)
-Wide tooth comb
– Headband (Optional)

2) Another gentle but fierce hairstyle you could give your baby is the Two-Strand Twist! This is great for school aged kids because it’s playground proof you’ll be able to keep this style for a days.


Recommended Products
-Leave In Conditioner
-Shea Butter

2) Once you’re finished with your two-strand twist, unravel them for a Two-Strand TWIST OUT for a look similar to mine in the video
*IMG_7467 IMG_7466

3) Lastly,  are an oldie but a good. Just like two-strand twist they allow play in the dirt without having a hair out of place. However, this is a style that can cause extreme damage to the hair line is done too tightly. So take it easy!


Recommended Products
-Shea Butter or Thick Moisturizer
-Wide Tooth Comb

Check out this Cornrow Tutorial!

Let me know your favorite hairstyles for children!

Thanks for stopping by!





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