The Perfect Twist Out with Yuki Pilar’s Velvet Curls

I think achieving the perfect twist out is one of the hardest things to do. The fierceness of your twist out depends on 1) the products you are using 2) your twist out technique.

photo 2

I had the pleasure of trying out Yuki Pilar’s Velvet Curls whipped moisturizer and I am LOVIN’ what it has done to my flat twist out.

Products from Mother Earth work best on my tresses and Velvet Curls were full of my favorite oils; Jojoba Oil, grape seed oil, mango seed butter, Hawaiian Kukui nut oil.

I could even tell with my naked eye that the products are authentically organic because I can see the oils around the side of the jar rise to the top when the jar has been sitting for a while.

photo 2 (3)photo 4 (1)

I began with freshly washed hair and my used a blow dryer on my roots to strength my hair a little bit.  With medium sections I applied Yuki Pilar’s Velvet Curls and flat twisted my hair.  I waited over night to take down my twists and they were so bouncy and fluffy. This is a product that I’m definitely keeping in my regimen!

photo 1

If you’re interested in purchases Velvet Curls or any other products from Yuki Pilar use the Promo Code: MYYUKIPILAR and receive 20% off your purchase!


Happy Twisting!


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