Change the Curl Pattern of Hair Extensions without Heat

I love me a head full of can’t-run-your-fingers-through-it hair! There are so many different things you can do with curls, kinks and coils!


On a beach day you could opt to have wild, kinky hair and on a night out with the girls you could change it up to big bouncy curls. Changing the curl pattern to your kinky, curly locks without using heat can be achieved in 3 easy steps!   


Luck would have that manipulating the curl pattern of natural hair and virgin hair extensions works pretty much the same. If you are using this technique with hair extensions, it is so safe that you don’t have to worry about permanently changing the curl!changcurls2 changecurls3

Step 1: Comb out your curls with a wide tooth comb. Moisturize your hair with water and leave-in conditionerchangecurls4

Step 2: Take a small section of hair and make a two strand twist. Once the hair is in a two strand twist, Bantu knot that section of hair.


Step 3: Wait until the hair is completely dry and gently take down the Bantu knots. You may use an oil on your palms when taking down Bantu knots to prevent frizz.


Tousle your hair a bit and you’re finished and out of the door! If you have a question for The Weave Whisperer please email her at

changecurls13 changecurls14 changecurls15


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