How to Grow Out the Hair on The Nape of Your Neck

The hair on the nape of your neck is very prone to breakage. A few key components can help you grow out your nape so it’s the same length as the rest of your head!


Most of the time we neglect the hair on the back of our neck, simply because our hair falls over it. However, if you moisturize often you can aid the growth of your nape hair.

Some of my favorite moisturizers are:

Cantu Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner. This product can be used when you’re wearing your hair in it’s natural state and is great a daily pick me up in the summer.  It’s affordable and keeps your hair moisturized for prolonged periods of time

nodrip Luster’s S-Curl Activator and Moisturizer. No it’s not Jerry Curl juice and you’re not altering the natural state of your hair. I love this moisturizer! It’s long lasting and will have your kitchen just as long as Michael Jackson’s (God rest his soul) in no time!

Minimum Heat Usage 


When trying to grow out your nape you must also keep in mind that excessive heat use is a NO-NO! When styling your hair in a straight manner, only go over your hair with a heat appliance once. If your hair starts to frizz or go back to its natural state slick it down with a pomade /gel or use a headband. You have to get creative when keeping you hair healthy.

Gentle Headwear  


The way you use your scarf can determine if you’ll have a life long nape problem or not.  Too much tension from scarfs on the same part of your head  every night could be the main reason why you’re experiencing breakage. I suggest using a silk bonnet. You can also use a satin pillow case, if you’re bold!

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