The DC Ladies 5th Anniversary Party


Shelley and the staff of The DC Ladies celebrated 5 years of being fabulous at the Mediterranean Way in Dupont Circle! 

The DC Ladies is a site all about women and the things they care about in the DC metro area. So of course all the fabulous journalists, bloggers, and PR girls came out to the event! And you know I never miss an opportunity to run my mouth, mingle and eat hors d’oeuvresI

Makeda of Skinny Got Curves
Makeda of Skinny Got Curves
Sahra of Que Sera Sahra
Andrea of Stylin' & Proflin'
Andrea of Stylin’ & Proflin’

Never have I tasted better candy and popcorn than at this event! Apple Pie by Whisked! , cheesecakes by Sweet Pearlz and popcorn from Glam Candy Buffet satisfied my sweet tooth and gave me loads of goodies to bring home and eat while watching House of Cards in my bed.





And to think my invitation almost got lost in the mail!
Congrats to The DC Ladies


Jig MoCrowd






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