My Night with Ledisi [Lexus Verses and Flow Event]


Once upon a night, when I was supposed to tucked into my bed I was pulled out on the town into organized Blackness! I secretly put my flats in my bag and click-clacked my heels into DC’s Long View Gallery for Lexus Verses and Flow series. Cathy Hughes, Adimu and a much of the Radio One staff were in attendance to listen to the vocal stylings of Ledisi.

Adimu, Joi and I

When she started singing her jams straight out of various Tyler Perry movie soundtracks, tootsie rolls were in full motion!   We all know that Ledisi is a stellar vocalist. She hits any note she pushes out. “What can be higher can than this?” As a woman, Ledisi’s music makes me feel sexy and profound! Almost as if I want to wear lingerie in full makeup and write a sonnet. “…cuz I’m a WOMAN!!!” Yeah…like that!

Happy2 HappyLedisi

After Ledisi hit us upside the head with that sangin’, it was time to sophistically GET LOW! It just so happens that all my friends were there which made the party even more fun!

Me2 Me

I ran into one of my favorite ladies, Wendy McAllister from Evolution Consulting Group and she looked FAB in her Smooth Effects cardigan!


As you may know my have tresses have been long and curly, that’s thanks to Lux Hair Extensions! I am reviewing their line of hair extensions and I couldn’t be happier about the product! I got to party with my girls Makeda of Glamazon Diaries, and the owner of Lux Hair Extensions, Joycelyne!


 Fellow Lux Hair ambassador Bianca Chardei and America’s Next Top Model alum was also in attendance to flex her modeling prowess and inadvertently making me look like a shrimp on the red carpet.

BandIDC has some of the best networking events. Hob Knob.




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