[Event] Smooth Effects Clothing Preview



You know those moments when you’re wearing a maxi dress and you’re wondering if your booty is moving too much in that dress! Sure, men like it! But for women that’s filed under “Something We Don’t Have Time For”! This Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending the Fashion Influencer Mixer at the Graham Hotel in Georgetown where the clothing line Smooth Effects was featured.


Whether you’re small/curvy/whatever smoothing out those lines and keeping those dimples in check is important! The Smooth Effects line is pretty unique because their fashions have built in shapewear. I can appreciate that because sometimes corsets and Spanx can make you look unnaturally snatched! Smooth Effects shapewear is made out of mesh, so it’s breathable! I’m not just jiving you, I took the liberty to try on some of their clothing!

Monica Barnett, of Blueprint For Style curated the event and put some very cute pieces together. I’ll be stealing each and every last one of these styles! Ok?!


Mother’s Day gift anyone?

SEJAWN SEbodycon



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