The Weave Whisperer on WUSA9

Many of you may have known I was on WUSA9/CBS as apart of their Fall Fashion Segment. Many of you didn’t wake up by 6:45am to view it.  Many of you weren’t even in the local DC area to view it.  WELL HERE IT IS!IMG_4185

I was actually quite nervous to play it back but after watching it I’m happy with my “performance”!  During the segment I was just glad I didn’t trip and fall like Whitney Port did on GMA. Lord knows I didn’t have time for a tumble in my   Alicia + Olivia outfit and Ash wedge sneakers.

Monica of Blueprint for Style curated the segment and she did it so wonderfully!

Fast forward to 2:13 to catch me!

More pictures below.

smooches xoxo!

IMG_4189 IMG_4178IMG_4457 IMG_4453 IMG_4456 IMG_4454 IMG_4455


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