How to: Top Knot Tutorial

Top knots are one of my favorite go-to hair styles! I like them big and bountiful! I was actually inspired by Urban Bush Babes the queens of huge hair!  Here are some tips to help you achieve a big, sexy top knot!


1. Moisturize your ends.

Olive oil, coconut oil, or any of your favorite oils will work!

2. Don’t make your ponytail too tight

Take an elastic band thats smaller than a headband but wider than a scrunchie and roll it all the way to the top of your head and angle it to the front. of your crown.


3. Use a foam doughnut

This is going to help you bun have some shape.  If you want even more volume you can wrap the foam doughnut in a hair that matches your texture.

4.Wrap the hair around the foam doughnut and secure it with bobby pins.

Instead of pulling the hair through the doughnut, wrap the hair over the foam doughnut. Wrap the hair over the doughnut and use bobby pins to secure the hair to the middle of bun.


5. Tie you hair down for a sleek look.

Enjoy your top knots! Ciao!




3 thoughts on “How to: Top Knot Tutorial”

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