How to Do a Hair Review

In the YouTube world, many are interested in product or hair reviews.

Here are tips on how to create a hair review that is concise , informative and interesting!

I’ve put together some tips that helped me do successful hair review videos that might help you on future review videos you are interested in producing.

1. Plan Ahead

Write a script or have a guideline. That goes with all YouTube videos. No one wants to hear you say a pleathra of ums.  Not only does it cut down on your number of ums but also your tendency to be repetitive. Remember, concise!

You have the liberty  to make your video as colorful as you like and the freedom to set any tone you want. Any way you decide to make you video, include the right information for your viewers. 

2. Include all the product specifics.

In a hair product review be very clear about the specifics of the hair length, origin, type.Is the hair Virgin Remy  and Malaysian?

3.Once you start wearing the hair extensions film the hair worn in different settings and stages. (Initial installation, 2 weeks, 4 weeks)

*A separate, later video may need to be shot to feature the life progression of the hair.

4. Be Honest

Your audience can tell if you are being authentic. The audience  may be a future consumer and they need to trust you if needs to trust what you are saying is true

Who is going to watch your videos if they think are being phony? Who is going to send you their products to review if no one is watching your videos?

Give full disclosure on your relationship with the brand:

-If you are being paid to endorse a product.

-You were given the product for free.

-You purchased the item yourself.



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