My Mrs. Carter Experience!

Beyonce and all her glory, set the Verizon Center ablaze for the Mrs. Carter Show tour. I was blessed enough to witness performance, perfection from the FRONT ROW!

Leaning against Beyoncé Giselle Knowles- Carter's stage!
Leaning against Beyoncé Giselle Knowles- Carter’s stage!

Chyle, when she first debuted on stage she stood there still, hair blowing in the wind for about 2 minutes . Of course the crowd was losing their minds.


The heavy bass from Run The World (Girls) broke in, and she  started shrugging her shoulders. The look in her eyes said “B*tch, do you know who I am? I DOES this!” I got emotional. I couldn’t even hold up my camera because I wanted to witness it all with my eyes. I was in awe of her showmanship.

The Mrs. Carter Show
The Mrs. Carter Show

Beyonce is the hardest working women in show business. She gave 110%. Her speaking voice was horse but baby girl was still SQUALLING!! She left it all the stage! Seamless show, complete with the quickest costume changes that rival Janet Jackson’s!

Some of my favorite performances were when she slowed it down and sang ” I Care”and “1+1”. Her voice, the feeling, touched my soul and spirit.


Not only do I feel like my life is limitless after watching Beyonce but I also feel renewed and energized about my own dreams and goals. I love Beyonce because she makes me want to be a better person!

 “Don’t be good my ngga, be GREAT!”- Jay Z

Afterwards, my lucky 7, friend, Tonya met her dancers Les Twins and Ashley Everett (from the Single Ladies video). She also met the ever so sexy, Luke James (opening act) and Beyonce’s stylist Ty Hunter.

Beyonce's Dancers, Luke James and Ty Hunter
Beyonce’s Dancers, Luke James and Ty Hunter

Best Night Ever….December round 2. 



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