Why You Might Want To Try a BB or CC Cream This Summer


Sweaty pores, sweltering heat and heavy foundation are a disaster for a girl trying to maintain a beat face. The summer months are a perfect time to switch up the makeup routine to mimic an exotic, radiant glow. Many of us will be traveling on vacation this summer and caked on foundation looks silly on the beaches of Hawaii.

If you haven’t hopped on the BB and CC train, it may be time for you to reconsider. BB and CC creams are a great alternative to heavy foundations when natural, breathable skin are at a premium.

My Face with Olay's BB Cream
My Face with Olay’s BB Cream

BB cream, otherwise known as Beauty Balms were originally created to protect skin after surgery. They brighten skin while giving an effortlessly flawless, radiant appearance. The coverage of a BB cream is lighter than a foundation but full enough to hide pesky imperfections. So it’s safe to say you can keep your foundation and concealer out of your travel bag.



The only catch is that you need to find a BB Cream that closely resembles your skin tone. Unfortunately, many brands lack a variety of shades that accommodate deeper skin tones. My recommendations for brands that carry a BB Cream for darker skinned tones are Tarte and Iman.


CC creams take it a step further. Short for Color Correcting, CC creams usually come equipped with an SPF and  anti-aging moisturizing elements. Since CC creams are great primers, if you suffer from hyper-pigmentation you can use it under your regular liquid foundation. Similar to BB creams, you need to find a shade that’s as close to your natural skin tone as possible. Olay has an ultra moisturizing CC cream for brown girls that I recommend.

Your flawlessness doesn’t have to stop with your face. Summertime attire is typically scantily, give your shoulders, back and dècolletage a swipe with a BB or CC cream for a smooth, silky finish.


It seems like the benefits of these products are ever evolving and it will be interesting to see how companies upgrade the hydrating, priming, moisturizing sunscreens also known as BB and CC creams. First step, more brands that cater to brown girls!

-Naila Carter

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