Curlformers On My Head

Photo on 1-7-13 at 9.39 PM

As a fellow YouTuber, I get around on there. I couldn’t help but to notice girls using Curlformers. It seemed like a cool, new twist to a non-weaved up head so I ran to Sally’s Beauty Supply and laid down a whopping $69.99 for the starter kit. I was wasn’t happy about the $69.99 price tag but I know beauty is not cheap and  at least Sally’s threw in a cute purse that I now use for work.

My hair was freshly washed and damp. Products used: Jamaican Castor Oil, Curl Care Soft Hold Creme and Elasta QP Curl Defining Pudding. I also used some soft holding mousse from Paul Mitchell because I wanted these babies to LAST!

photo 1

I’m not gonna lie, I almost had a nervous breakdown trying to put the Curlformers in but after about a hour and a half I finally got the hang of it. Judge ya mother!!

Photo on 1-6-13 at 5.08 PM #2Photo on 1-6-13 at 5.36 PM #2

Photo on 1-6-13 at 5.36 PM #4

To get the best results I slept all night in my Curlformers. Nervous about the outcome I woke up extra early to style my newfound curls and surprisingly they came out perfectly!!

Photo on 1-7-13 at 8.35 AM

A little tight but very pretty. As you can see I have kinky, curly hair and I was shocked to see silky curls bouncing every which way with NO HEAT!

Photo on 1-7-13 at 8.36 AM #2

photo 2 Photo on 1-7-13 at 8.35 AM #5

So, there ya have it folks. They work! If you live by me and want to use them come by the crib but you better put every single of my Curlformers back in the box!!

Let me know if you want me to do a Curlformer tutorial!

Peace Babies!!



“The Weave Whisperer

Curlfomers Website:



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